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THM OCT 2013


HOA board members, would you like your neighbors to be thrilled with your efforts to improve your neighborhood? 


Next Door Neighborhood Events can help neighbors connect. We plan events that encourage a closer community. 

How does having a social component to a neighborhood benefit a community?

  • Statistics indicate that having a well-connected group of residents makes a neighborhood safer. Neighbors who know each other keep an eye on each other’s property. 
  • Including social activities in your HOA services makes your neighborhood more appealing to potential buyers. Whether your neighborhood is established or is not yet “built out,” this is an effective perk that can attract buyers to your neighborhood over others. More lots/houses sold = more HOA income. Definitely a win-win scenario. 
  • Knowing your neighbors fosters responsible property and yard maintenance. Who wants to have the “bad house” or the “bad yard” on the street when all of your friends are keeping up with theirs? 
  • Having a full neighborhood of responsible, satisfied residents is key to maintaining home values. 
  • Having a calendar of monthly, seasonal, or quarterly resident activities can be done on any budget. 
  • Having a social community makes a neighborhood a better place to live.

Note to association management: for most neighborhoods, gone are the days when an active social committee planned monthly events and seasonal activities, sponsored clubs, and welcomed newcomers. Neighborhoods that offer activities for fun and friendship are flourishing and tend to draw residents from surrounding subdivisions where social activities are scarce. Great association management is more than seasonal color landscaping changes and pool maintenance. Happy residents = no requests to solicit new management companies for bids. 

Contact Next Door Neighborhood Events today to find out how you can make your neighborhood a great neighborhood.

Getting ready for a neighborhood concert
Getting ready for a neighborhood concert