Our residential developer events are structured to accomplish three objectives: to generate buzz about the project or community in the general public, to draw qualified prospects in to model homes, and create a positive reputation with current homeowners. 

Producing fun events and social activities for your development puts your company in a very favorable light. Happy residents not only do not call your office constantly to complain, but they also invite friends and family to neighborhood social events…a great word-of-mouth method for getting quality prospects to come check out the community. End result: satisfied residents, solid sales leads, positive momentum for your project, and positive buzz for your company as a whole.

A negative relationship between a real estate developer and residents wastes your time and keeps you from getting your job done. You have lots to develop, builders with which to deal, utilities issues, street complications…and the list goes on. Fielding calls from unhappy residents will eat up your day and can derail your progress on a regular basis.

Luau theme for a pool opening

Luau theme for a pool opening


  • Create a positive reputation with your residents and the surrounding community
  • Reduce the amount of negative interaction regarding your project’s progress

You can choose a service plan that fits your development’s needs: monthly activities schedule, seasonal activities, quarterly events, holiday-only events, or even a single event such as a grand opening of a community pool or a development’s newest phase. Make yourself look good and make your job easier – contact Next Door Neighborhood Events today and start getting more done!